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Emerging Norteño Banda Artist

Breaking into the music industry can be challenging.  Now consider wanting to enter into a male-dominated music genre… things can get tough, but not tough enough for this Norteño Banda recording artist.

Tania Mondragon has overcome many challenges in pursuing her dream from bullying to health scares.  Growing up, other girls teased Tania for being endowed with voluptuous assets.  ¡No sean envidiosas!  (Don’t be jelly).  The bullying continued, this time with She was not wanted She also feared she could have malignant lymph nodes, which would mean leaving her music behind.

And the troubles for this emerging artist didn’t stop there.  During the recent immigration debacle, her audience, predominantly Hispanic, feared they would unfairly be targeted in public spaces.  Essentially her shows would have to get cancelled.

Tania, determined to succeed took some time off and went back to school to pursue a communication degree with a concentration in public relations from the University of Houston.

Tania’s life now is looking brighter.  She released her fifth album, “A Partes Iguales” and this month she released her second single “Convenceme.”

It is still February so show her some love here:

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